Besides weekends full of floorball (coaching U17 boys, playing in Bremen, and watching our youngest (U12)) I finally made it to vienna! #BerWien <3.

Great weekend!

Unfortunately the ice time is over, however, this year i made it a few times to go ice skating :) So here’s picture of it :)2015-02-06_Icesakting_HDStadion


back on 32 bit


After I had more and more problems on 64bit debian (no working skype, teamspeak) i finally messed the system up even more by using aptiude. Dependencies were not solved correctly and I was logged out arbitrarily. So I decided to go back to 32 bit (still debian! and neglecting aptitude) and everything works perfect :-)

Besides being nerdy, we were playing in Hamburg. And the next weekend my younger team played really well. This is me, watching their warm-up:

SGB2015-01-17-12_12_21_SGBU17w_Spieltag03_jb+Again a weekend later my team played again. and quite well. this is me, trying to play a pass.

SGB2015-01-24-12:21:49_SGB_KF-Spieltag07_berlin_ak++And the next day I have been to Weißenfels and this is exactly the second before WSF scores from a free kick.







Happy new year! Here are some pics from winter at my parent’s and a NY-walk in Potsdam – walking by the ‚Karli‘ from the other side.

If you have the chance to see Kat Frankie, don’t hesitate:

And one more. Great. <3.

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