2014-07-22-15:22:05_Norge_Bergen_UlrikenThe combination of nature, sightseeing and soccer has proven to be a good one. So this summer we travelled to Norway – again ‚one of these scandinavic countries‘. My first memory of women soccer comes from the norwegian womens national team, Ane Brun, Katzenjammer, Anne Holt, and Fjellet, to name a few more keywords that come to my mind.

So, a few days Bergen with more than + 30 °C all the time, and hiking ,and Fjords, and mountains, and a national park, and than a train trip to Oslo. Oslo with sightseeing: the Opera, of course, Peace Nobel Center, Frognerpark, Munch Museum, and the final of the U19 womens EM in Ullevaal stadium!

Such lovely places! Toni <3 Norge!

For pictures click here.