Sweden 2013 …  my understanding of a perfect vacation. Great country, nice people, good food and on top: The Uefa Women’s Euro 2013! We had perfect conditions, just with the beginning of our trip, temperature settled to ‚hot summer‘ and accompanied our road trip. Whenever temperature fell below 20°C, we had to change location anyways and wherever we came it was summer. Originally planned as a biking trip, we went by car, traveling the South of Sweden: Trelleborg – Kalmar (Öland) – Växjö – Kalmar – Norrköping, ending up in Stockholm.

To sum up: the trip was a dream. I loved the places we visited, i loved the food and the people were so friendly, the atmosphere was really great and I traveled in good company. And on top: great football :-) – when I saw the games I remembered why I started to love (watching) football.

An incredible experience, and so close. We accidentally run into players/staff all the time.. and I could see some of my all-time-football-heroes! Thank you Team Norway ♥ ;-) Thank you Sweden 2013.